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Joining a sorority in college is a life-changing experience, but garnering an education is the top priority for Kappa. This is why each chapter is expected to maintain academic standards equal to or higher than their university’s or college’s all-sorority GPA. We don’t ask individual members to maintain a certain GPA due to the variances in course loads, but each member is expected to contribute to the overall GPA of the chapter.

If a Kappa struggles academically, we help her through it. The Academic Excellence Committee meets with her to craft an improvement plan using study tactics and time management. We want each sister to leave college with what they came for: a degree.

In the Gamma Upsilon Chapter, we provide support and encouragement for all sisters to excel academically. Our Vice President of Academic Excellence works hard to make sure that our members are putting their best effort into their academics, by rewarding sisters when they excel through motivational cards, treats and shoutouts, but also by providing support and assistance when they are struggling.

Our chapter hosts study rooms for sisters to focus on their studies in a relaxed and supportive environment along with snacks and the company of other sisters. 

We have a weekly incentive called "Smart Cookies" in which members get a treat and shoutout at meeting for earning above an 80% on an assignment or exam. We also hold a celebration in February, Kappa Kappa Gamma's Academic Excellence Month in which we recognize the sisters who have made great improvements academically and the ones who hold exceptionally high averages. 

In Kappa, you will never be short a study buddy, mentor or role model, as we have members and alumnae in so many diverse faculties. We are here to help each other out though both the highs and the lows of university life.